Martin Plöderl

Curriculum Vitae


2014              Habilitation (Venia Docendi) at the Paracelsus Private Medical University

2006-2012    Curriculum Psychotherapy (Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse, GLE)
                       Licenced Psychotherapist since December 2012

2003-2005    Curriculum Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology (BÖP)
                       Licenced Clinical Psychologist and Health Psychologist since May 2005              

2001-2004    Doctoral Study, Department of Psychology, University of Salzburg

1997-2001    Master Study, Department of Psychology, University of Salzburg

1986-1991    Technical College for Mechanical Engineering (Höhere Technische Lehranstalt, Wels)


since 2015    Member of the Expert-Group for the development of Austrians Suicide Prevention Program (SUPRA)

since 2007   Gatekeeper-Trainings in Suicide Prevention (since 2016 certified Trainer for Suicide Prevention Austria)

since 2005    Department for Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention,
                        Christian Doppler Klinik, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg

2004-2005    Assistant at the Department of Psychology (Social Psychology), University of Salzburg

2000-2002    Research Assistant, SFB-012 (Logic & Cognitive Sciences), University of Salzburg

1998-2003    Nightshifts at the Caritas Homeless-Shelter in Salzburg

1991-1996    Technical Engineer (Sondermaschinenbau)